Sarasavi Gee Sisila, one of the most awaited events on the university calendar is the classical musical sensation presented by the Building Economics Students’ Society, which is the sole student representation of B.Sc. (Hons.) in Quantity Surveying and B.Sc. (Hons.) in Facilities Management undergraduates in the Department of Building Economics, University of Moratuwa. Praised as the Crown Jewel of the classical musical events in the University of Moratuwa, the event solely focuses on raising funds for the student society by which hundreds of students are immensely benefited.


Building Economics Students’ Society more popularly known by its initials BESS caters to student welfare by means of,

  1. Providing scholarships for students who require financial assistance.
  2. Providing study materials and books which are quintessential for the students to follow the relevant degree programs.
  3. Sharpening Leadership & Management skills among the student community.


Over the period of last 25 years, The Department of Building Economics has shown fresh dimensions for more than thousand graduates who are currently holding highest positions in construction industry. Building Economics Students’ Society is the conglomeration of BSc. (Hons) in Quantity Surveying and BSc. (Hons) in Facilities Management undergraduates of approximately 600 in number from the same department.


Sarasavi Gee Sisila’s provenance which is almost as old as the Department of Building Economics can be traced back to year 1994 where the department was still at its infancy. Even after two decades the gratitude must be paid for those 20 undergraduates of the 5th batch that passed out from the Department, who were brave enough to initiate a giant leap with such magnificence which will later become the epitome of classical music sensation.


Throughout the years the event had adapted and undergone few changes in areas of capacity and scale while retaining and adhering into its true purpose; providing nonpareil experience to the audience while providing safe haven for classical music which is battling for its survival.

Despite Sarasavi Gee Sisila has been recognized as an extra-curricular activity organized by the undergraduates, it is a collaboration of many parties whose efforts are put in together to form the big picture. Both the academic and non-academic staff of the Department of Building Economics has always been cooperative in guiding the BESS in the right direction by encouraging undergraduates to find the balance between extra-curricular and academic responsibilities. Alumni of Department of Building Economics is moreover to be thanked for their assistance throughout the years.

Every year the event will feature prudently chosen group of individual musicians who are at the apex of local classical music arena. Renowned for its authenticity and eloquence, Sarasavi Gee Sisila attracts a large pool of audience by whom the venue, Sumanadasa Courtyard is jam-packed every year. An audience of approximately 3500, the majority being students of the University of Moratuwa and a considerable proportion of corporate personnel attends the event annually.